Multi-Unit Management Solution

Multi-Unit Management Solution is your one-stop solution for all your HR and Operation’s needs. With its multi-platform capabilities, you’ll be able to access all of your HR documents and operation’s financial data from anywhere in the world using any smart electronic device.

Onboarding with!

Go green! Eliminate the costs and hassle of printing, scanning, shipping and faxing. SubSource is moving to a whole other level of operation essentials for SUBWAY® Franchisees. In this day and age, everything is going digital. We are introducing automatic hiring, automatic background checks, automatic e-verifies…ALL using e-signatures!

We are integrated for automation!

  • Partnered with DocuSign
  • Certified with Department of Homeland Security for
    web-integrated e-verification
  • Certified with for automated background checks.
  • Manager clock-in
  • Uniform
  • provides access to necessary HR Reports for your company

  • Manpower scheduled vs. present
  • Employee Turnover Report
  • Minors/Under 18 Employee Report
  • Employee Warning Report
  • Manpower Report
  • Affordable Care Act’s 30+ hrs/wk Report
  • You will have live feeds to your operational reports! Employee UoS Certification is tracked right in your Weekly Schedules. SubSource is fully integrated to give you:

  • Compliance Overview
  • No. of UoS courses taken
  • CRS Rankings
  • Customer Comments & Complaints
  • Store Evaluations
  • Sales Building Report
  • SubSource’s Dashboard provides complete visibility to your operation’s KEY Financials and Operations. Food Costs are integrated directly with distributors to ensure data accuracy.

  • Sales
  • Productivity
  • Financial Data
  • Daily Cost Report
  • Weekly Food & Labor Costs Reports
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • When operation is under control, your overall bottom line is guaranteed to improve!

    SubSource Dashboard
    Financial Reports
    Key Financials Report
    Daily Labor Cost Report
    Daily Labor Report
    Key Metrics Report
    Weekly Controllable Cost Report
    Operational Reports
    Sales Building Report
    University of Subway
    Survey Rankings
    Compliance Overview
    Shop Evaluation Reports in PDF
    Customer Comments from CRS/TellSubway
    Customer Comments from HQ
    Customer Service Summary
    Human Resources
    Electronic Hiring
    Automated Background Check
    Automated E-Verify
    Employee File Storage & Management
    Hire Packets
    Wage Evaluations
    UoS Courses
    Customer Complaints
    Employee Anniversaries
    Employee Birthdays
    Check Hire Packet Status
    Employee Broadcast
    Social Hiring Platform
    List of Applicants
    Labor (Manpower)
    Weekly Schedule
    Weekly Cost Report
    Food Cost Automation
    Hourly Unit Productivity
    Payroll Quick Report
    HR Reports
    Anti-Harassment Certification Report
    Employee Warning Report
    Employee Minors Report
    Affordable Care Act Tracking Report
    ACA Electronic Offer Coverage
    Employee Referral Report
    Management Roster
    Expired E-Verify Docs
    Idle Employee Report
    Employee Data Export
    Labor (Manpower) Reports
    Employee Turnover Report
    Manpower Report
    Overtime Report
    Punch Adjustment Report
    Actual v. Scheduled
    Scheduled v. Goals
    IPC's Tax Credit Report
    Multiple User Management
    Labor Rules Update Capability
    Manage Goal Settings
    Customizable User Privileges
    Customizable User Roles
    Customizable Positions
    Non-Subway Option
    Create Support Tickets
    View Training Tab
    Unlimited Support
    Unlimited Training
    Free Version
    Financial Reports
    Operational Reports
    Human Resources
    Labor (Manpower)
    HR Reports
    Labor (Manpower) Reports
    *Customized reports are not guaranteed