Loss Prevention Auditing

Our Loss Prevention Team looks at various items when watching your cameras. We watch for theft, cleanliness, opening and closing times, thru-put and much more! If you have SUBWAY® Surveillance, our audit team will even match your LiveIQ transactions to your surveillance to make sure no one is cheating you!

  • Opening and Closing time
  • Sandwich unit cleanliness
  • Food safety and sanitation
  • Manager clock-in
  • Uniform
  • Manpower scheduled vs. present
  • Thru-put
  • Speed of Service
  • Graveyard shifts
  • Customizable audits!
  • In addition to all the above, we will report any suspicious activities and send them to you as Theft Alerts!

    Below are examples of what you can expect out of our Loss Prevention Auditing subscription:

    Are employees constantly on the phone? Are you getting complaints that your service is too slow? We will catch all of that and report to you what we’re seeing on your cameras!

    Our Loss Prevention Audit team have been doing audits for SUBWAY® for years! They are trained to identify with SUBWAY® Compliance and Standards. Below is an example of a Thru-Put Audit. Our Thru-Put Audits are sent with a Speed of Service Chart. They time your employees from the time a customer places his/her order to the time the customer pays.