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SubSource was founded by one of the largest multi-unit owners in the SUBWAY® family, Raghu and Rohit Marwaha. They developed SubSource for their restaurants to create people centric culture in the company while having people focus on solutions vs finding problems. Therefore, SubSource was designed to provide key financial, operational, and people focused actionable data to the management and team members. SubSource took away tedious laborious work from the hands of their management so that management could become more efficient and compliant with standards, operations, and focus on people.

Marwaha Group has a history of running successful SUBWAY® restaurants in Southern California. With 20+ years of SUBWAY® restaurants ownership experience, SubSource provides basic and advanced services that are often ignored by SUBWAY® franchisees as they are tedious and requires additional labor. When the Marwahas were busy running the restaurants and breaking sales records, they had very little time to reconcile every piece of their business. As their organization grew its store count, they realized that most of their time was taken by operational challenges in the stores and they had very little time to focus on financial details that their restaurants had. They also knew that if they didn’t focus on operations, the quality of their restaurants leading to sales and profit will start to decline.

They knew that they could improve profitability by at least 2% if they increased their focus on financial management.

Along with increased store count, the Marwahas knew that it came with a bigger need for auditing services to maintain financial stability. They noticed that their speed of catching problems was a big challenge. By the time they caught problems, the damage was already done.

Every SUBWAY® franchisee should be able to focus on the most important aspect of their business, their operations. But with all the little details of your business that require your attention, sometimes it’s hard to do just that. Our system is designed to identify opportunities every day and you won’t ever have to wait for month-end, quarter-end or year-end to improve your business. The net result of this is that you can eliminate problems in your business as you go! Instead of shaking your head at the damage after-the-fact, you will be able to do something about the damage before it happens. We also offer consultation on how to improve your bottom line by specifically pointing out which line items are higher than a typical SUBWAY® restaurant.

Our Pricing Model

When we started SubSource, our goal was to provide enhanced loss prevention auditing services and HR management solution for SUBWAY® franchisees. From the menu of services we offer, you can either choose to take the entire package or pick out certain services a la carte. Keep in mind that we also offer consultation to create the right package for your SUBWAY® needs.

Our goal is to help you increase your bottom line by at least 2% and reduce your overhead simultaneously. We have a no-contract business model. If you dislike our services, you can cancel with a 30-day notice.

Our Pricing

Auditing Services
Subscriptions Price per Shop Compared at*
Daily & Weekly
$30 per month $150 per month
Loss Prevention
$45 per month $60 per month
All Audits $60 per month $210 per month
HR & Operations Web Portal
Subscriptions Shops Price per Shop** Compared at
Multi-Unit Management
1-10 $25 per month $240 per year Non comparable
11+ $20 per month $180 per year
*Based on labor hours if the franchisee hires office personnel to do the same work. **Pricing does not include background check fees, which are charged independently by its respective company.

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